What Does Refreshing Mean To You?

Today, I will not be sharing my usual job search or career nuggets, but want us to look into a habit that can still contribute to our job search or career success. I am excited about the topic because it is something I have found very useful, and I believe others have.  

You might have guessed this from the blog topic. Yes, we will be discussing what refreshing means to each and every one of us, outline actions some people have taken or do take to refresh and end with the benefits of refreshing. 

Truth is, in this every busy and fast moving world, we all need time to refresh. Social, family, business and work life has become more demanding than it was two decades ago; it is advisable now more than ever to find time to refresh. 

A quick Google search gives more meaning of the word – refreshing ‘refill, replenish, recharge, and top up’; ‘reinvigorate, revitalize, revive, restore, brace, fortify and strengthen…’  Who wouldn’t need this?

So what does refreshing mean to you?:

For me sometimes, it could mean putting off my data to stay away from WhatsApp and the Internet for a few hours. It could be going to my library to pick one of my favourite books to read some pages or lines that reminds me of useful information that I read in the past. Or simply connect with a dear friend for a healthy conversation that brings smiles and laughter, or a few kilometers of running during my morning exercise.

To some it means a trip to faraway places beholding nature or historic sites, to others, it is a weekend getaway to an exotic place or food and drink shared and taken in the company of loved ones. 

Ways People Use to Refresh:

All over the world, people have found ways to refresh.  Different things work for different people and in different environments and cultures.  Here is a brief list of what people engage to refresh:

  • Sitting alone in a quite or solitary place to reflect
  • Walking around parks or gardens
  • Climbing Mountains
  • Travelling outside own country to observe other people’s way of living and culture
  • Reading an exciting, informative or motivational, or inspirational book (not reading for exams or certifications)
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Doing something good for someone-else that brings inner fulfillment and a smile
  • Engaging in a hobby
  • Physical exercise – jogging, running, long walk or swimming
  • A holiday outside of home – locally or internationally
  • Connecting with family
  • Being around elderly to observe their thoughts and wisdom
  • Sleeping
  • Being in Company of friends – way before Covid-19, you know
  • Avoiding toxic relationships and environment

Benefits of Finding Time to Refresh:

This lists can be endless, but here are some top benefits:

  • Opportutnity to reflect on what is going on in one’s life, career, family or business. 
  • Helps to assess what one needs to continue doing, adjust or de-clutter
  • Reenergizes for continued goal pursuit 
  • Enhances emotional well-being
  • Improves mental alertness  
  • Can contribute to physical fitness (for physical activities such as spots)
  • Provides the body the physical energy it needs to do more
  • Newness for the mind, body and soul (depending on the type and duration of activities)
  • Improves creative ability to

Concluding: We all need time to refresh and re-energize. It helps our emotional and physical well-being when we do. Whatever your way of refreshing is, do not do round the clock, month after month without refreshing to rebound, whether you are working or looking for a job.

If you have read this far, I would like to hear from you. Please share what refreshing means to you in the comment section below. My community and I will like to learn from your experiences.

I hope this has been helpful.  If you like what you have read, do visit the Resources –Careers’ section of my website http://www.afomauchendu.com for more job search and career guides. And remember to click the share button to share this with your network, like, comment or ask questions below. I will be glad to interact with you.

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