Steps to Career Development: Series 01 

In a period when businesses in most developed countries are experiencing mass resignation of their employees, one would wonder if the topic of career development is still relevant. Yes, it is.  People are constantly graduating from college and seeking a future. Young and older professionals are relentlessly exploring opportunities for career success.

It is important to note that the great resignation did not produce idle people around the world. Rather, the pandemic made people consider what really matters to them; leading to the mass resignation of employees who moved into some other things. According to IndiaExpress, 4.5 million workers in the US left their jobs in November 2021 as reported by the US Labour Department and an estimated total of 75.1 million people in the US quit their job in 2021.

My definition of great resignation is that people are moving in mass to find or do things they find meaningful given their post-pandemic reality or journey. 

So in this piece, whether you have moved to a new job, transitioned to a new career path, or moved to a new city or country to start your dream business, you will find this useful.

Professionalism is a key attribute to have in a business or a career. Certain work traits can make someone be branded as being professional or unprofessional.  Any of these labels can produce or destroy opportunities. Say, a business deal, career progression, opportunity for promotion, salary raise, or personal brand image.

Examples of good professional traits include – the quality of work; efficiency in the discharge of work or project; respect for time (an instance, time set for a meeting or a deliverable); respect for others – colleagues, co-workers, bosses, or clients; trustworthiness; being reliable and dependable. 

In some workplaces, professionalism is being properly dressed to suit the organisation’s dress code or simply being well-groomed in appearance. 

Your guess is good as mine. Opposite of these are unprofessional traits that people would find displeasing. It is not a good thing for a co-worker or a client to say that a person cannot be relied upon to deliver on their words or depended on to get things done. Someone can make a company lose a deal or customer through unprofessional behavior. 

Benefits of professionalism include:  improves the personal brand image, can make people speak up for you when it matters, could lead to job or business referrals or other opportunities for growth and success.

Summarily, professionalism is the sum total of who you are and what you do at work or in business. Its list is more than the few examples I have listed here.  So you seek career development – think of the many ways to exhibit professional behaviours. Professionalism is a trait too important not to have for a career or business.

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Individual Development

Today I share a piece from one of the World’s Management legend – Peter F. Drucker  on ‘Individual Development’.

Most times and naturally so we strive to have a rank in an organisation.  And there are indeed organisations that give the rank without the responsibility or job enrichment required for growth on the job. An example, you get a supervisory role, but your superior either deliberately or inadvertently still directly supervises your own team on almost all issues.  Most times Managers make attempts to justify this, but it ought not to be where the right structure is in place and effort is made at its implementation.

There are also moments where people wrongly assume that their career growth is dependent on how challenging the organisation or business owners make their job.  They fail to bring in the required push, creativity or extra-mile needed to stand out on the job.  

Here’s Peter F. Drucker’s piece so apt and relevant for today’s organisation.

“Individual Development

The person with the most responsibility for an individual’s development is the person himself – not the boss.  The first priority for one’s own development is to strive for excellence.  Workmanship counts, not just because it makes such a difference in the quality of the job done, but because it makes such a difference in the person doing the job.  Expect the job to provide stimulus only if you work on your own self-renewal, only if you create the excitement, the challenge, the transformation that makes an old job enriching over and over again.  The more effective road to self-renewal is to look for the unexpected success and run with it.

The critical factor for success is accountability – holding yourself accountable.  Everything else flows from that.  The important thing is not that you have rank, but that you have responsibility.  To be accountable, you must take the job seriously enough to recognize:  I have got to grow up the job.  By focusing on accountability, people take a bigger view of themselves.  Strive for excellence.” 

The piece ended with ‘Strive for Excellence’. Yes, strive for excellence.   Remember social media life has not taken away the genuine and good old need organisations have to serve their customers, earn revenue, keep the business afloat, beat competition and deal with varied environmental and political challenges. Make your membership of that organisation truly count. When you strive for excellence in building an organisation, you build yourself and the greatest beneficially will be you.

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Career Hangout

Hello There!

I know how it can be, getting consumed in constant search for a better job, and sometimes ignore the important aspect of building a career.

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